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Scoge'  is a brand that represents The Creatives! We aim to present Innovative, Artistic and Explorational designs through primarily clothing. 

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 Samurai Vs Ninja SS2014 - Scoge - NYC Creative Streetwear

May 9, 2014

I could say that it all started in a fabric store, while choosing which fabrics would be used to strengthen this Samurai VS Ninja theme. But in all actuality the inspiration to this collection has been building itself since my first introduction to animated series such as Batman, or X-Men. As a child these series were the closest things to my imaginations of people actually having superhuman powers. I loved them. And as time passed newer more advanced series would come up, fascinating my curiosity even more, and of course a majority of these series involved Samurai or Ninja. So the inspiration was always there, and now the time to execute has arrived. Scoge - New Age Creative Streetwear